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As of Thursday March 19th, Taqueria Nacional closed its operations to the dining public. We will re-open for business as soon as the citywide Coronavirus Emergency Legislation restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, while we update this website, please check out our 'Latest Updates' page on We will do our best to update you about the current status on the health of our community, and the most recent legislative information relating to financial aid for our industry.

Thank you for your support.

Stay safe and healthy!

Ann & Johnny


Authentic Mexican tacos
made with carefully sourced ingredients, seasoned with love

In 2007, James Beard award winning Chef Ann Cashion delivered a long overdue, authentic Mexican taqueria for DC diners. Lauded by Bon Appetit magazine, local 'foodies' and food critics, Taqueria Nacional quickly became a hot spot. Cashion's exacting cooking style & love for tradition comes through in every bite! Taqueria Nacional is located at both 1409 T Street N.W., along the 'Greater 14th St.' corridor, and at 3213 Mt. Pleasant the heart of the historic Mt. Pleasant neighborhood.



At Taqueria Nacional we source our fresh dairy, produce, meat, and poultry from local farmers who practice organic and sustainable methods. We strive to provide our guests nutritionally wholesome, sustainable, and flavorful food, while supporting our regional economy and the environment. From the rich soils of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Carolina we salute the collaborative efforts of our hard working friends.

The last two months have proven to be devastating for world health. In the United States, and here in D.C., the last few weeks have been an alarming ride through uncharted waters, and certainly not one of our choosing.

Thank you to our family and friends for all their support. Our restaurants will re-open, and every employee will be re-hired...but, right now we want you to focus on you! Please do not underestimate the voracity of this virus. The time to quarantine is now, so be cautious and stay at home.

We will continue to update you on the health of our community. As well, we will post any news relating to local and/or federal financial aid packages being made available to the food service industry. 

Be resilient, but please stay safe, and remain healthy!

Ann & Johnny

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