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Planning an event? 

We’ll make iT FUN and easy.
Reach out to our events lead at


Have a section of the restaurant reserved for your child's birthday party or your own celebration! We can arrange for party platters -- including kid-approved favorites -- or welcome your guests to go through line and order for themselves. Cake and decorations welcome!

Cocktail Reception
Have the T St. Milagro Bar all to yourself for parties of 15-50 people. Enjoy a spread of appetizers from our menu of classics. With designated bartenders, you can order as you choose. Limit your guest offerings to a few favorites (beer, wine, margaritas) or keep it open to the full range of delectable cocktails. 


Restaurant Buy-Out
For up to 125 people, take over our entire lively T St. restaurant with open seating, big front window and patio. Guests can mingle between the Milagro bar, open standing area and clusters of tables. Your guests are able to order off the entire menu. The bar will serve up drinks of your choice, with a full range of cocktails or your tailored selections. Your playlist and decorations are welcome, we’re here to execute your vision.



Bring the taqueria to your next party!

Reach out to our catering lead at taqueriaevents@gmail.comAll catering orders require pick-up and do not include utensils or paperware.


Order your favorite taco fillings by the pound (we suggest 1/2lb per person). Each order will come with tortillas and toppings: pico de gallo, red and green salsas, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, onion, cilantro and crema. 

Beans $8/lb 
Egg with Green Chile $8/lb 
Chorizo with Potatoes $10/lb 
Chicken $15/lb 
Shrimp with Cauliflower $18/lb 
Steak $24/lb 
Carnitas $24/lb 
Lamb $24/lb

Each order serves ~12 people.


Chips & Salsa $20 
Chips & Guacamole $30 
Chips, Salsa & Guac $45 
Pinto Beans (vegetarian or refried) $20 
Mixed Green Salad (with creamy avocado or balsamic dressing) $36

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