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Bulk ordering for families and groups.

Chicken Enchiladas (1/2 doz.)       $24

Pork Tamales (1/2 doz.)                 $18

Guacamole (pint)                          $16

Chile con queso. (Pint)                   $13

Pinto beans (pint)                          $7

choose whole vegetarian or refried

Spanish Rice. (Pint)                       $5

Mixed green salad (2 quarts)         $12.00

choose creamy avocado or balsamic vinaigrette

Tortilla chips (8 oz)                       $4



Price includes corn tortillas, shredded cheese, lettuce, onions and cilantro, pico de gallo,

Mexican cream, pickled jalapeño and salsas.

Chicken                            $12

Chorizo and Potato            $10

Shrimp & Cauliflower         $16

Steak                                $24

Carnitas                           $24

Egg & Green Chile             $8

Pinto Bean                         $8


 All pricing by the pound. We recommend that you

allow 1/2 pound per person when ordering. 


Our dining room and /or patio can be reserved for your birthday party, happy hour, or other celebration and gatherings.
Please call during business hours to inquire about availability.

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