April 7th, 2020

Before any discussion about the economy, I hope that we all agree that the safety of everyone fighting against this virus, and the health of each of us is our most important task. The Small Business Administration's 'Payroll Protection Program' while being welcomed by the service industry, is not enough to allow restaurants to fully re-open. Federal and local agencies are being stretched in their efforts to assist small businesses. We are all hoping that in time, there will be enough assistance from insurance carriers, and state and federal government that can restore the restaurant industry to its former self...a vibrant business happily serving their community.

D.C.'s Mayor Muriel Bowser continues the fight to equal the playing field for the District, and we support her efforts. Focus on your health, and be safe.


March 24, 2020

We gave all the food we had left to our staff, local communities, and to the city shelter 'So Others Might Eat'.


The doors to our restaurants are closed, but just temporarily. Now, the recipe we want you to follows is this: Be safe and be healthy.


We will get to the other side of this, but it's going to take a dash of courage, and a heaping amount of unselfishness.


You all got that, I know you do...

1409 T Street,

NW Washington, DC 20009


New Location

3213 Mount Pleasant Street,

NW Washington, DC 20010



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